• How to avoid bungling away critical “moments of power”.
  • The powerful Six Principles of Persuasion and how you can ethically apply them to produce lasting change in others.
  • Yet unpublished information including amplifiers and activators for the universal 6 principles of influence.
  • What scientific research tells us that is different from conventional wisdom about how to most effectively influence others.
  • How to steer clear of common influence traps that are manipulative and lead to bad business decisions.
  • How you can shorten the cycle to create and keep trusted relationships by being a “Detective of Influence”.
  • How to identify small changes in your current approaches to make big differences in people’s willingness to say yes to your requests.
  • How to know when using one specific Principle of Persuasion will be more effective than others.
  • How the most recent social science research can be applied to improve your business outcomes.
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