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Feb 3rd, 2010 Mumbai
  Feb 5th, 2010 New Delhi

"More than half the Fortune 500 companies train their sales people using Neil Rackham's sales models. SPIN SELLING is the hottest sales training program in the world! "

7 Practical benefits :
  • Plan more efficient and productive sales calls that shorten the sales cycle
  • Overcome the “no decision” dilemma
  • Discover how the worlds’ best sales forces are using value creation strategies
  • Learn what scientific research tells us about successful selling
  • Learn the art of asking powerful questions that change the way customers think
  • Build customer relationships
  • Close more business
You will learn practical things you can do the next day

This is an action plan day. No generic theory here. You are going to get specific tools to start and run an amazing Sales & Marketing program.

Rackham observed 35,000 sales calls over a 12-year period and analyzed why some sales people succeed and others fail. From these results he created the highly acclaimed bestselling book and sales training program,SPIN SELLING.

Neil Rackham has written five of the bestselling sales books of all time; SPIN SELLING, Major Account Sales Strategy, Rethinking the Sales Force, Getting Partnering Right and his latest release, Escaping the Price-Driven Sale.

More than half the Fortune 500 train their salespeople using Neil Rackham’s sales models. SPIN SELLING is the hottest sales training program in the world!

Neil Rackham’s  Workshop has positively affected many companies like yours. Here is a list of top organizations that have participated in Neil’s program.
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