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The ultimate goal for your people is happiness. Happy people perform better. The focus is to get great people, keep them and help them grow. Knowledge Capital People Methods and Tools include:


Core Ideologies


Core Ideologies are made up of Core Values and Core Purpose. Core Values provide the handful of rules that will remain constant and provide YOUR company with a strong cultural foundation. Core Purpose answer the questions, Why is our company doing what we are doing and what is our higher purpose?


Positive Impact:

  • Aligns the company
  • Provides a strong culture
  • Brings simplicity and clarity to HR systems

Organizational Structure


Organizational weakness keeps your company from growing.
By clarifying responsibilities and accountabilities for each role your company is positioned to grow.


Positive Impact:

  • Make decisions faster and more decisively
  • Key seats are filled with the right person'



Effective execution results in increased profit and time. It is all about priorities, metrics and meeting rhythms. Knowledge Capital Execution Methods and Tools include:


Priorities, Metrics and Dashboards

  • Priorities - What are your Top 3 and Top 1 of 3?
  • Metrics - Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Critical Number, Customer and Employee Feedback.
  • Dashboards - A tool to measure the right things now so you can gain insight into the future of your business

Positive Impact:

  • Focus on the right things and measure them properly

Meeting Rhythms


Meeting Rhythms are the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual meeting rhythm and the specific agendas that make them effective and practical.


Positive Impact:

  • Capturing opportunities faster
  • Identifying and addressing bottlenecks faster
  • Increasing throughput and production without
    additional cost and headcount



An idea or image that transforms a managerial goal into a company-wide mission.


Positive Impact on Your Business

  • Make goals and priorities memorable
  • Helps your organization make the necessary emotional connection that generates commitment
The right strategy results in increased revenues. You must have the right horse in the right race. Knowledge Capital Strategy Methods and Tools include:




According to Jim Collins, the Big Hairy Audacious Goal is a 10 to 25 year lofty goal that challenges the firm to greatness


Positive Impact:

  • A compelling vision and central theme to motivate your team

Brand Promise


The single most important measurable that both matters to your customers yet makes you different from the competition.


Positive Impact:

  • Drives your business
  • The unique and overt benefit that differentiates you



A strategy to neutralize or blow up the main bottlenecks or chokepoints in your industry


Positive Impact:

  • Provides a unique competitive edge



When cash is tight, it is hard to breathe. Increased cash flow is all about having excess oxygen to breathe. Knowledge Capital Cash Methods and Tools include:


Cash Conversion Cycle


According to Harvard Business Review article titled, "Execution without Excuses", the Cash Conversion cycle is the time it takes for $1 of operational and COG expense to return to you as cash collected from your customer


Positive Impact on Your Business

  • Available cash provides options



We are experts in developing and exceuting strategy. Our team is dedicated to inspring big ideas and
creating the laser-like focus to achieve them. Be Strategic, make a difference.
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