Raves about Hermann Simon

"Hermann Simon’s detailed study of Hidden Champions is phenomenal in its depth and rich coverage. These mid-size leaders carry lessons for large, medium, and small companies about the importance of focus, quality, service, innovation, and closeness to the customer, lessons that many of our largest Fortune 500 companies have forgotten.”

Philip Kotler S. C. Johnson & Son Distinguished Professor of International Marketing, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

“The Hidden Champions prove that even management in the 21st Century should be based on healthy common sense. By improving upon the small things every day, a company can ascend to world market leadership”

Reinhold Wuerth Chairman of the Board, Wuerth Group, World Market Leader in Assembly Products

“The Hidden Champions go their own way. The secret to their success is common sense, vision and flexibility—qualities that aren’t easy to find.”

The Wall Street Journal

“In Simon’s viewpoint, resistance to management fads is a strength, not a weakness. For decades the best companies have been thriving by eschewing complexity, avoiding diversification and focusing on their core skills. The rest of the world is only beginning to catch up.”

The Economist

“You are completely right with your tenet on the innovation process with the Hidden Champions. You cannot always wait for the major breakthrough. In this context, I have said that for Nestlé I am equally interested in renovations as I am in innovations and the important role that speed plays. He who sees something ahead of others and then implements this effectively creates a partial advantage that, as everyone knows, proves a major competitive advantage.”

Dr. Helmut O. Maucher, PhD, Honorary President, Nestlé AG

“Focus on the fundamentals and on the customer is a key thread that runs through Hidden Champions and something I will rededicate myself and the company to.”

Roy Dunbar,Chief Executive Officer, Network Solutions


Raves about Kaihan Krippendorff

" [Your workshop] helped us reveal creative new strategies for overcoming a business challenge we had been facing for some time."

Joanna Popper, DHL

"In today’s ever-changing environment at Delta, your refreshing approach to business strategy is welcomed."

Jane Hubbard, Delta Airlines

"I am amazed by the results you created with our group."

Douglas Stein, Kellogg School of Management

"[Your approach] can lead a strategist to conceive of competitive options that might not have been otherwise considered."

David Wenner, former Director of McKinsey & Company

"The Art of the Advantage offers a timeless strategic playbook."

Paul Winslow, Director of Strategy, Toys “R” Us

"The 36 stratagems bring a fresh breath of real creativity borrowed from thousands of years of wisdom."

Yale School of Management

"The Art of the Advantage will become your strategic compass."

Colleen Brown, EVP Business Development, Belo Corp.

"The insights given on Strategies & creating competition differentiation were too good. Good learning on how to think out of box."

S S Raman, Manager – Package Development, HPCL.