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What it is all about

This workshop has the potential to change your life, irrevocably and permanently. This is a bold statement to make for a one-day experience, but I stand by it. If you sincerely follow-up as recommended, your life will change and immeasurably for the better.

The course from which the material is drawn has affected such a transformation in thousands of individuals and has been extensively written up in major media. Perhaps the best indication of its power is the following: I have received dozens of emails and letters from people thanking me for improving their lives. None of these have taken the course. It is their spouses and significant others who went through it.

Workshop Outcomes

It is impossible to break-out the learning by session by session. Learning happens
continuously and cumulatively. The various exercises build on, and reinforce, each other.
Here are the outcomes you can reasonably expect:

  1. A marked diminution of stress in your life. Few things will have the ability to faze you.

  2. Significant improvement in your relationships – with bosses, peers and subordinates. Also with customers, suppliers and many others.

  3. Much more comfort with ambiguity. The future has always been uncertain but the degree of uncertainty is increasing. It does not matter. You will cease worrying as you develop the confidence that you will be able to deal with whatever comes down the pike.

  4. More peace and greater serenity in your life. This will be sufficiently obvious that you are likely to have others ask what “happened” to you.

  5. A quantum increase in your effectiveness and efficiency.

  6. A greater ability to inspire others, to get them to embark on their own journey of self discovery.