Mumbai Sep 6, 2007
JW Marriott
Bangalore Sep 7, 2007
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Hundreds of Key Marketing insights for your fast growth firm from famous Marketing Guru
Effective Marketing planning: How to devise better and more effective marketing plans in less time.
Positioning: How to target and take a key market niche and what are the key market niches?
Marketing Communications: Particularly in today's overcommunicated world, how do you outcommunicate your competition, and get your message through?
How prospects think and decide--and how this effects how you should market to them.
The ultimate key: How to turn your clients and customers into lasting clients and customers, and your best advertisements
Key takeaways from the program 
1. Come away much clearer about where to focus their time, attention and dollars to market their products an services;
2. Have a tool for assessing themselves and their competitors and positioning themselves more powerfully as a result;
3. Will have a clearer perspective about marketing and the importance of its key elements, particularly price, brand, and packaging/design;
4. Develop a much clearer understanding about the importance of brand, building a brand, and all the ways ones' brand effects a company's success;
5. Hear vivid lessons that stick with them and influence their decisions--and benefit their businesses--for the rest of their careers;
6. Have fun and laugh--because humor is the perfect lubricant for the thinking process


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