Mumbai Sep 6, 2007
JW Marriott
Bangalore Sep 7, 2007
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Who is your marketing department force?
What do the best sales people actually
sell? - A helpful list

How prospects think and decide?

How this effects?

How you should market to them?


Price - Understanding what price really

means to a prospect
  • The Picasso Principle
  • The Carpenter Corollary
  • The risk of the deadly middle
  • Why value is not a position
  • The amazing tale of turquoise jewelry
  Brand - The influence of the brand you
  represent and the brand that you are
  • Brands as strange attractors
  • Brands as placebo effects
  • What brands work and why others donít; keys to building your brand
Packaging and presentation - The role
of visible and packaging, especially yours
The ultimate key - How to turn your
clients and customers into lasting clients
and customers, and your best
  • What does your prospect or client really want?
Understanding loyalty and
  • What satisfaction really is and means
  • How to know if you have achieved satisfaction
  • Why achieving satisfaction is only half the battle
  • The never satisfied client, and what he means
What ultimately makes the sale, is
  • A lesson from a music concert
  • The implications of every sales person
  • The ten keys to extraordinary relationships
Closing: The final keys to extraordinary
  • Passion
  • Courage
  • Belief

Effective planning

How to devise better and more effective marketing plans, in less
Understanding the twelve fallacies of planning
  • The fallacy of the plan itself
  • Research and focus groups
  • Authority
  • Expertise
  • Perfection
  • Wisdom
  • Timing
  • Patience
  • Assurance
  • Confidence
  • The better mousetrap
  • Common Sense


How to target and take a key market niche and what are the key market niches?
Focusing and positioning of your message
a) Positioning each sale: The Eight
Positions of Power
b) Studying your prospects shortlist
c) Attacking the competitions strength
and your weakness

Marketing Communications

What communication means

Listen first, talk later Why
listening really matters, and
devices to improve listening

Understanding: I can see, I can
    picture that


We hear what we see: a vivid example


Thinking about the Rule against


Implications for presenting to a
  • Rethinking slides, sales books and overheads
  • The danger of the darkened room
  • Lincon at Gettysburg

The demand for clarity
a) What a nodding prospects head means
b) Why more is less: the role of brevity
  • The Grocery List Phenomenon
  • The Rule of Seven plus or minus


Tricks for being better by being better
  • The Cut in half and Half again rule
  • A lesson from Mark Twain
Conference structure subject to changes