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What Others, Like You, Are Saying About the Jack's Workshop

"I attended Jack's 2 hour seminar at the EO Tokyo University. He is the best speaker I have ever heard. As a direct consequence of his presentation my business recently won a $41m sales contract."

-Tim Green, Managing Director, Tim Green Commercial, EO Sydney
"Your session was a superb kick-off to our new efforts in sales management training. You exceeded our expectation and provided my team with an outstanding day of training. Thank you."

-Ken Parsons Sr. Chairman/CEO -Venture Bank
"Wow! I can't get your program out of my head. All the management training I have had over the years condensed, bottled, shook up, and sprayed all over the room in a one hour shower! Like good champagne."

-"David Peters , Principal, Architectural Security Group
Thank you so much for your tremendous contribution to the EO University! as usual, you were our highest rated speaker.

-"Heather E. Henderson,Program Director,Young Entrepreneurs Organization (YEO)"
"Your proven ideas and drive for success in all facets of life is exactly how we want to lead our sales team. You have reset our success compass and our sales team is beating to a new drum this week. Once again thank you for all the great insight!"

-"Jager Fornal ,Vice President ,"
"You took a call center that was filled with pretty good people and made them awesome. We have 2 team members that have gone from a conversion ratio of 30-35% to a conversion rate of 65-70% Thank you again for your friendship and mentorship."

-"Brian Scudamore ,Founder & CEO"
"I have been through my share of selling seminars. You not only motivated me but gave me tools to be successful. No other speaker has ever done that for me. Thank you!"

-Rebecca Williams, Cobbs, Allen & Hall, Inc.
"The difference between Jack Daly and everyone else masquerading as a “sales coach”, is that Jack has sold, and has sold more successfully than any team of sales coaches you could hire. If you are serious about investing in your sales organization, hire Jack Daly.”

-"Dennis Arnold, President, Office Furniture USA"
"I had the good fortune to see you speak at a YPO luncheon in 2001. Our President and I immediately knew you would be the perfect keynote our Annual Sales Conference. To say you were a hit would be woefully understated, evidenced by your re-invite to address our Sales team the following year at the same event. "
-Ed Metcalf , Vice President, Sales, Laticrete International
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Jack Daly

Jack Daly inspires audiences to take action in the areas of sales, sales management, customer loyalty and personal motivation.

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