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Answers to Rockefeller Habits FAQs
Q. One day is a huge chunk of time away from the office. How can I justify the bite out of my schedule?

A: If growth is your priority, you can't afford not to attend.
The Rockefeller Habits Checklist alone will help you recoup as many as 35 hours each week. Even for a workaholic entrepreneur that's easily 100 workdays gained over the next year, for the mere one you'll spend at the workshop Many participants tell us they've never made an investment in their business with a higher ROI.

Still need convincing? Here's how attendee C Green law, VP Business Development at virtual Technology Corporation weighed in: “I recall thinking how difficult it would be to get our principals together for two days out of the office, particularly in our fast-growing company. I now realize that those two days will have a considerably greater impact on our continued success--- for many years to come ---than anything else we might have accomplished during that time in the office.”


Q.Why a public seminar and not a private one?

A: Synergy is the operative word here.
Mastering the Rockefeller Habits was built with team attendance in mind, which means the chance to learn not only from expert Verne Harnish, but also from other motivated executives like you. And while you may have kept pace with best practices in your industry imagine what you can adapt from unrealized markets what's more, in a public setting, Verne can share universal, hard-nosed truths with the members of your team, without putting them on the spot or making them feel you've exposed their weaknesses.

Q. What if a simply cannot attend with my team?

A: That's okay too. You can be assured of seating at a single's table with other like-minded growth leaders. Should you decide to bring you entire team to a future Rockefeller Habits workshop (and we hope you will) the CEO attends the repeat session on us.

Q. Whenever I hear “discipline” I tune out—the last thing I want is bureaucracy mucking up my entrepreneurial business. How will the program improve performance without crushing creativity?

A: After attending, you'll never see discipline as the enemy again. In truth, bureaucracy stall growth, but discipline fuels it. Structure keeps your business nimble Routine unleashes creativity. Meetings free time for high payoff initiatives. Embrace these paradoxes--- and lead you company to the next level.

Q. What sets Rockefeller Habits apart from the “Grow Your Own Business” programs put on by my local chamber of Commerce?

A: Gazelles provides premier executive development training for leaders of mind-sized firms with 30 to 2,000 employees. When you attend Mastering the Rockefeller Habits, you won't feel trapped in a conference room with well meaning ---but unseasoned---rookies. What's more, you'll fast-forward past theory and cut straight to the strategies that are working for same of today's most successful enterprises. What's best you'll be trained by two of the most respected names in entrepreneurship, Verne Harnish and Patrick Thean.

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Verne Harnish

The "Growth Guy" columnist for several publications and a contributing editor for Fortune Small Business magazine, Verne is the author of Mastering the Rockefeller Habits...

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