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It's Time to End the Confusion About how on building a Global corporation
Building the global corporation of tomorrow is the ultimate achievement, the highest milestone on the path to success for any CEO. Equally, the next generation of global leaders will also be the most unexpected. The question is, will you make the cut? Some traits will define the winners including the ability to innovate, manage through disruptive change, and provide leadership to drive growth.

Redefining the paradigms of success for a borderless world is no easy task. It's clear. It's time to get down to the absolute core of what works in building Global corporation – and what will work best for you. No more wasted budgets, no more stabbing in the dark. Knowledge capital has handpicked expert to help you forge a Global Growth strategy that is the best for your company, your products, your goals. So, let's do it.


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Global Growth Stratgies by Verne Harnish (New Delhi 5 Sep 08)
Global Growth Stratgies by Verne Harnish (Mumbai 23 Sep 08)
This Program Will Cover It All :  
5 critical decisions necessary to dominate your industry.
3 crucial steps that take you from good to great.
How to Double your operating cash position.
How to identify the keys to hiring great people and techniques for keeping them great.
How to articulate a clear "brand promise" that differs from your competitors.
How to Determine your big advantages over your competitors.

Join us in India this september and get inspiration from the world's most admired business guru . And move beyond good to great.